After you’ve selected high quality items to sell, listed them with clear photos and key words, you may think you’re done. But the magic really happens with outreach. I can confidently say that if you follow these strategies I outline below, you will sell faster.

In this chapter will only include the most important things you need to do to sell on Poshmark. The guide on whether following other sellers, hosting Posh parties, or sharing other sellers’ closets are worth it in a future post. Sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the page if you’d like to be kept in the loop!

Let’s get into it.

This is Chapter 3 of the Poshmark Ultimate Guide to Reselling.


  1. 🔁 Share, share, share
  2. 📤 Proactively send offers
  3. ✨ Keep your closet fresh
  4. 💡 Bonus tip
Section 1

🔁 Share, share, share

What is sharing and why is it worth talking about?

The MOST important thing that impacts your sales is how often you share your items. You can share your item by selecting the little arrow icon at the bottom of your listings. What this does is it boosts your listing to the top of search results since results are listed by “Just Shared” by default. If you’re selling a yellow satin slip dress and recently shared it, then someone who searched for “slip dress yellow” likely will find your item at the top of their search results.

Proof that sharing makes a difference

Part-time reseller Hannah Alonzo did an experiment where she shared every 30 minutes from 9am to 10pm on a Sunday while the next day she didn’t share a single time. She had 128 listings at the time. I suggest you watch her video since it has more details and a walkthrough of all her results, but this is the main takeaway: On the day she consistently shared throughout the day, she made 3 sales and 37 likes. On the day she didn’t share, she made 0 sales and 4 likes.

She also published a followup video where she stopped sharing altogether for an entire week. That week, she made 3 sales and got 18 likes. The next week when she shared ~9 times a day, she made 14 sales and got 142 likes. Yowzas. If her items were $20 on average, then she would’ve earned ~$220 more in a week just from sharing. Her sales increased by 460% just by sharing her listings.

Use automation services

So many resellers on Poshmark use automation services, but technically bots or plugins are not allowed by Poshmark so a lot of people feel strongly in one way or another about this topic. It’s important to talk about.

When resellers get to hundreds or even thousands of listings posted in their closet, they’re obligated to spend hours a day just sharing. If resellers spend the time sourcing, listing, and managing these items, should they be punished for having such a large closet?

Sharing hundreds and sometimes even thousands listings requires so much time spent for mindless, monotonous, tedious, repetitive clicking of buttons over, and over, and over again. Sellers are complex and brilliant humans and should not be required to spend hours of their day doing something so mind numbing.

So it makes sense for sellers to look for solutions to save themselves from spending so much time doing this.

If you're sick sharing your listings every day, I made a tool to solve this exact problem and would love for you to try it

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Why does Poshmark even have the sharing system?

Poshmark’s claim for creating the sharing system is to even the playing field for sellers, unlike Ebay or Etsy where sellers who pay for promotions or are more experienced are favored. The sharing system also forces sellers to continuously return to the app because, surprise, more activity on the app will lead to more sales which leads to more commission for Poshmark.

What are the risks of using bots?

Poshmark today as it stands doesn’t commit a lot of resources in tracking down those who use bots or punishing them. The worst that can happen is your shares are silenced, or you’re put in “share jail” temporarily where you can’t share for <24 hours. Some people however have mentioned it’s possible for Poshmark to ban your account for abusive sharing. I suggest anyone using bots share conservatively and stay under 5000 shares max.

In the end, tracking and banning sellers who use bots will discourage sellers from using the platform, and that hurts the bottom line for Poshmark.

Are there alternatives to using a bot?

The one alternative to not having to share yourself is by hiring out a VA (virtual assistant) from places like Fiverr or even Instagram. There are, however, a couple things to note before deciding to do so.


  • You save time
  • You get to delegate out the tasks you don’t like doing


  • Putting your account at risk: You have to give another person your login information. This means they could change your password, delete your all your listings, or change your bank information so all your money you earned gets sent to their bank account. Is it likely to happen? Probably not, but you certainly run that risk when you give someone your login information.
  • Managerial tasks: When you hire someone as a VA, you’ve then got an employee and take the responsibilities of a manager. You have to make sure your employee is doing their job and motivate them or reprimand them if they’re not meeting expectations. This also may include training the person so they’re knowledgeable about Poshmark. For example if you want to teach someone to crosslist, you’ll need to teach the differences between multiple platforms.
  • Constant interaction: Whether via email or text, you still have to interact with them frequently and that may not be what you like to do as a reseller.
  • Mistakes: VAs can also make mistakes, which means you may still have to put in the time to review their work.
  • Tax complications: If you’re hiring a VA for the long-haul, then your taxes will get more difficult. If taxes are not your favorite thing to do, take into consideration you’ll make it harder by hiring someone.

You could also find a niece/nephew, friend, or anyone trustworthy with more time who may be willing to share your closet. But it’s unknown how consistently they will share or continue sharing.

Section 2

📤 Proactively send offers

Respond to offers as soon as you can

Time is one of the biggest factors to whether you will close a deal. Whenever you get an offer, respond on it as soon as you can. The best case scenario is you catch the buyer soon after they had shown interest, they see a new offer you’ve sent that will expire, and they act on impulse to accept the offer.

Another way to think of it is the more time you let the negotiation sit on the table, the more time you’re giving the potential buyer to reconsider purchasing your item or finding something else.

Offer to likers

When a potential buyer finds your item, they may “like” the item if they want to keep an eye on it but are not ready to purchase yet. If an item isn’t getting a lot of traction, you can send offers to likers to remind them the item is still available, and to also offer them a private limited time discount.

Offer private bundle discounts

On Poshmark you can’t message buyers directly but you can communicate to them privately by creating a bundle for them, adding the item they liked, and then leaving a personalized comment about a bundle offer. The other benefits for this they’ll get multiple notifications about your actions: you added something to their bundle, you commented, and you sent them an offer.

Offer public bundle discounts

As well as sending discounts for individual items, you can send discounts for bundles, or when the buyer purchases more than one item from your closet. This can be set as a public discount so everyone visiting your closet knows you give a discount for bundles. For example, you can offer 5% off when someone buys two of your items at the same time.

Send an eye-catching offer the first time

Avoid over-sending offers to likers because the more offers you send, more likely you give the impression you’re willing to go even lower and lower on the price.

Always counteroffer lowball offers

I know, it’s always disappointing and maybe even offensive when you know you have a great product and list something at $45 then receive an offer on it for $8. Maybe your first reaction will be to not even give this person the time of day and even decline the offer. However, objectively you could be passing up on a potentially good business opportunity. I suggest responding with a reasonable counteroffer, or even counteroffer with a dollar or two off. Sometimes, buyers just are trying to find the best deal and just want to see what reaction you would give to their offer. Some buyers are still open-minded on the pricing.

Section 3

✨ Keep your closet fresh

List items frequently

The more listing you have, the more likely it is for someone to find one of your items and look at the rest of your closet. Think of each listing as a possible source of traffic for your closet. And the more eyes there are on your closet, the more you’ll sell.

Relist items frequently

It’s also great to relist stale items because your item will rank higher in the Just In category. Hopefully this will get more traction and fresh eyes on your item.

Improve your titles and descriptions

Make your listing as search-friendly as possible by using as many relevant keywords as you can. For example, instead of American Eagle Jeans, use American Eagle Black High-rise Distressed Jeans, 6 Long.

Improve your photo quality

For the listings that are getting stale, it may be worthwhile to revamp the photos. The item photo is the first thing buyers will see, so you want to post something eye-catching. If you do this for all your listings, it will make your entire closet pop and encourage the buyer to keep scrolling.

We go in depth about all this in the Step by Step Guide to Posting Poshmark Listings that Sell.

💡 Bonus tip

Use the iPhone text replacement shortcut

When sending comments on bundles, instead of typing the same message over and over again, you can create a template to reuse.

Thank you for your like! If you're interested, I will gladly send 20% off and discounted shipping for purchases of at least 2 items. Looking forward to your response!

Furthermore, in your phone settings you can use automatic text replacement where typing a short phrase like “pb” or “poshbundle” will be replaced with the bundle template text. This will save you time from copying/pasting or typing out the same message to each liker.

Looking for more?

This is the top most useful strategies you can use to sell faster on Poshmark. If you want to learn more about selling on Poshmark, check out the other chapters of Poshmark Ultimate Guide to Reselling.

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