🐰 Our Story

My sister sells part-time on places like Mercari and OfferUp, and recently started selling on Poshmark. One day when I was visiting her, I saw her taking out her phone to tap at the screen for several minutes straight. When I asked her what she was doing, she mentioned that she had to “boost” her listings by sharing. “I don’t know why Poshmark makes this so tedious, on OfferUp I can just pay to promote my listings,” she told me. There had to be a better solution.

I created ResellRabbit to make life easier for sellers like my sister. She’s a mom of two toddlers and time gifted back to her is priceless, especially when she has so many other responsibilities. As my vision for ResellRabbit continuously grows, I hope ResellRabbit can give indispensable value to you too.

– Anita 👩‍💻, Founder of ResellRabbit

💪 Our Mission

At ResellRabbit, we build smart technology that empowers independent resellers.

💖 Our Values

We’re all about simplicity and effectiveness.

We believe that our success comes from our sellers’ success.

We believe that recycling and buying/selling second-hand is the future of retail.

🎯 Our Vision

We enable resellers to thrive in commerce and make reselling more enjoyable, while helping foster the value of sustainability and extending wear life of clothing.