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Automate Poshmark tasks with ResellRabbit, easy and simple.

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How it works 👇

Automatically self-shares

Auto self-shares

Use ResellRabbit to automate sharing your entire closet as many times as wanted throughout the day

Boost visibility

Boosts visibility

Push your listings to the top of search results, which is where most sales are started

Automate sharing your items.

Schedules sharing

Strategically choose and test share times that capture the most traffic for your closet

Solves captchas


ResellRabbit is smart enough to automatically solve CAPTCHAs right out of the box, no configurations necessary

Built to be safe

Built to be safe

Our technology mimics the sharing behavior of a human virtual assistant, and we also DO NOT read or store your sensitive Poshmark data like your login information or even your closet name

Designed to be simple

Designed to be simple

All you need to do is open your Poshmark closet on your computer, activate ResellRabbit, then sit back and enjoy the rest of your day ☕

Bottom line:
ResellRabbit helps automate your Poshmark business so you have more time to reinvest back into your business.