Are you thinking of hiring a virtual assistant for your Poshmark business? We’ll talk about everything you should consider before you do.


  1. 💁 What is a virtual assistant?
  2. 💰 How much does hiring a VA cost?
  3. 🔍 Where can you find VAs?
  4. 😍 What are the pros of hiring a VA?
  5. 😕 What are the cons of hiring a VA?
  6. 👉 What are the alternatives to a Poshmark virtual assistant?

💁 What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person you’re hiring to do things for you online for your Poshmark business remotely. Example responsibilities you can delegate out to a VA include sharing your closet, posting new listings, and following other people.

Note, despite the word “virtual” is in the name, virtual assistants are still human beings who are providing their services. They are not a robot or an AI.

💰 How much does hiring a VA cost?

The cost will vary depending on where you source your Poshmark virtual assistant, their skill level, and their cost of living.

The cheapest options

If you’re looking for the cheapest option then there are VAs you can hire in countries with low cost of living where VAs may charge prices as low as a dollar an hour.

There are, however, some drawbacks to mention.

For one, communication may not be as fast or easy especially because you and your VA would likely be in significantly different timezones. You may need to pre-train the VA you hire as it may be their first time navigating Poshmark. Lastly, Poshmark does not operate in all countries so your virtual assistant may need to use a VPN to access Poshmark.

While this will be the cheapest option when hiring a virtual assistant, plan ahead to make sure your expectations are satisfied.

What if I want to hire in-country?

If you’re looking for trained and dedicated VAs then you should expect at least $5 a day. If you plan to outsource sharing for an entire month then this adds up to be around $150 a month.

After looking at this price, it may seem inflated. This is because prices are determined by number of actions taken a day. For example, ResellerAssistant, a Poshmark VA service charges 119.99 a month for 3k clicks per day or 124.99 for 4k clicks per day.

The more activity you expect to be dedicated to your closet, the more you will be expected to pay.

Because of the steep pricing, hiring a VA may be better as a short-term solution rather than a long-term one.

🔍 Where can you find VAs?

If you want to find a VA from another country like India or the Philippines then sites like could be an option.

For in-country VAs, you can usually find them on Fiverr, Upwork, or even on Facebook groups. Some VAs will also advertise their services on Instagram.

Though Fiverr or Upwork are reputable platforms, please still be cautious of choosing VAs. Be aware that it’s not hard to submit fake reviews. There is also not guarantee on the VA’s timeliness, professionalism, or respect for account privacy.

😍 What are the pros of hiring a VA?

  • You save time. Typically if you have around 600 listings, sharing an entire closet can take around 20-30 minutes. If you want to share multiple times a day, you could easily take hours daily just pressing buttons on the screen.
  • You get to delegate out the tasks you don’t like doing. If you do not enjoy tediously pressing buttons then you can pay someone else to do it for you, and get hours of time back. This applies for listing items as well. With the new time you regain, you can choose to invest it back io the business doing other things like sourcing or taking photos.

😕 What are the cons of hiring a VA?

  • Putting your account at risk: You have to give another person your login information. This means they could change your password, delete your all your listings, or change your bank information so all your money you earned gets sent to their bank account. Is it likely to happen? Probably not, but you certainly run that risk when you give someone your login information.
  • Managerial tasks: When you hire someone as a VA, you’ve then got an employee and take the responsibilities of a manager. You have to make sure your employee is doing their job and motivate them or reprimand them if they’re not meeting expectations. This also may include training the person so they’re knowledgeable about Poshmark. For example if you want to teach someone to crosslist, you’ll need to teach the differences between multiple platforms.
  • Constant interaction: Whether via email or text, you still have to interact with them frequently and that may not be what you like to do as a reseller.
  • Inconsistencies: No guarantee to be consistent. VAs will need to physically be in front of their device, and there is no guarantee they will do the services they promise at certain times in the day.
  • Mistakes: VAs can also make mistakes, which means you may still have to put in the time to review their work.
  • Tax complications: If you’re hiring a VA for the long-haul, then your taxes will get more difficult. If taxes are not your favorite thing to do, take into consideration you’ll make it harder by hiring someone.

👉 What are the alternatives to a Poshmark virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants can be quite pricey while results and effectiveness are not guaranteed.

ResellRabbit is a cost-effective alternative that can bring the same results a VA would. It shares your closet throughout the day at a schedule you choose. To top it off, we have dedicated customer support who are happy to help at any time.

Why choose ResellRabbit over hiring a VA:

  • We do not see your Poshmark password or bank account information
  • ResellRabbit works at the exact time you set it
  • Our services are at least a third of the price of VA services

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