You may have heard about Poshmark bots but aren’t sure if you should try using one. Here’s everything you need to know about it–the upsides and the downsides.


  1. ❓ What does a bot do and how do they work?
  2. 😍 What are the benefits of using a bot?
  3. 😕 What are the disadvantages of a bot?
  4. 👉 How do I choose a bot?
  5. 🐰 Why choose ResellRabbit?

❓ What does a bot do and how do they work?

Possibly the most important thing you can do to get more sales on Poshmark is by sharing regularly every day. However, this is very time consuming and tedious to spend hours on so a bot can help do this for you. The point is that bots are made to save you time, or to do tasks that you’re unable to.

Most bots are web-based, like a Chrome extension, which allows the bot to work on You usually open on your computer and set the action you want the bot to do. While the bot is working, you can go on and do other things like listing or sourcing items, or just browsing the web.

😍 What are the benefits of using a bot?

Poshmark bots increase sales and grow your closet outreach for you, hands free. Bots help share items, getting your items in front of more people and increasing your chances of a sale.

When a potential buyer is searching an item, Poshmark’s search results default sorting is by Just Shared. This means that if you just shared an item that matches the same key words that a buyer is looking for, then your item will be seen first.

A bot really does turn your Poshmark hobby into a business.

😕 What are the disadvantages of a bot?

If you’ve gone on sharing sprees, you may have noticed that Poshmark occasionally shows a CAPTCHA. This is to indicate that sharing should be slowed down. If Poshmark detects that you are excessively sharing your items then they may put your account under Share Jail, where you won’t be able to share for a day. This is so Poshmark can protect themselves from overuse of computing resources (imagine the toll it takes to handle reranking shared items a million times a minute). This also protects other users from spam abuse. In some cases, Poshmark will ban some accounts if they see reoccuring abuse.

Bots usually have a daily share limit to prevent this problem. A good best practice to follow is to share less than 4000 times a day. If you follow the guidelines and err on caution, then you should be able to use bots successfully with no problem.

👉 How do I choose a bot?

Security: Consider if you’re comfortable with bots that ask for your Poshmark information.

Reliability: Some bots are not continuously supported. If the tool breaks, then there is little to no help.

Usability: Some bots are harder to use than others simply because of design decisions made by the developers.

We made a Poshmark bot called ResellRabbit that does all of the above.

🐰 Why choose ResellRabbit?

Security: We DO NOT save any of your sensitive Poshmark information. This includes your Poshmark login, Poshmark bank account information, or even your Poshmark closet name–we don’t want to know it!

Reliability: We have dedicated customer support. It’s important for us that you have the best experience using the tool, and that you can provide your feedback or request for help any time.

Usability: We optimize our tool to be enjoyable to use, yet effective. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out how a tool works, and no user should run into any problems out of the box.

With ResellRabbit, you can share your closet consistently throughout the day, without needing to be in front of the computer. All you need to do is to leave a tab open on your closet, make sure your computer is charged, and make sure your computer is connect to internet.

The tool is designed to be as hands-off as possible. If you do check it out, let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to know what you think!

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