2 Minute Onboarding

Welcome! This is everything you need to know before you start.

🐰 Please first ensure that the ResellRabbit chrome extension is installed.

Here’s how to use our tool

Things to keep in mind

Share ban

Sharing excessively can lead to temporary share ban, please be cautious. You can set a custom daily share limit in the settings as a preventative measure.

Make sure ResellRabbit can do its tasks

ResellRabbit will only work when there’s a tab open on your closet page. We recommend leaving your Poshmark closet tab open on its own window in the background, and enabling Keep computer awake mode if you plan to step away.

We respect your privacy

ResellRabbit does not view or save any of your Poshmark-related data. In other words, your Poshmark password, bank account information, and even your closet name is safe and stays in Poshmark – we don’t need or even want to know it!

Your feedback is valuable (truly!)

If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact us at resellrabbit@gmail.com. This helps us make the tool better for you and others!

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